lindsay nordell



Logo for The Center for Digital
Humanities at Princeton. 2015.


Tragic Comic. 36p. 2010.


Jan Tschichold books. 3 books. 24p. 2009.


Empty. 52p. 2010.


Clipper. 30p. 2010.


Don't Get Hurt: Reading Propaganda of the Second World War. 97pp. Handbound. 2009.


Letter Eight from Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet. 12pp. Handbound. 2008.


Emily Dickinson icon set. 2008.


Good-Bye to All That dust jacket. Two designs. 2008.


Fassbinder Film Series. 2009.


Yvonne Rainer Lecture poster. 2009.


Bryant type specimen poster. 2009.